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Everyday is a Holiday,

Every Meal is a Banquet!

That’s how I live my life.

I’m Barry Weinberg aka Uncle Barry.

I’ve had a love for baseball for nearly sixty years, since I was a little kid.

I’ve been lucky to spend over forty years working in professional baseball as an Athletic Trainer from the Minor Leagues to the World Series. Had the opportunity to work with the Pirates, the New York Yankees, the Oakland A’s, and currently the St. Louis Cardinals.


It is still unbelievable to me what a young boy from Silver Spring, Maryland; Edith and Harold’s only son;  has had the opportunity to do.

I’ve met and befriended wonderful personalities, a lot of whom are mega stars, and witnessed the funniest things (before games were televised) and heard the craziest stories everywhere from the dugout to the locker-room and dined all over the country and in many parts of the world.

I am still best friends with my college roommate, Ed Folli. I am also Godfather to his kids. When my  God kids started calling me Uncle Barry, it just kind of caught on.

Then Ed's son Michael was drafted and played four years in the Cardinal organization and would refer to me as Uncle Barry. His teammates and others in the organization picked up on it.

When I got the position of Senior Medical Advisor and was based in Jupiter, Florida working in the Minor League system, the minor leaguers continued the tradition so Uncle Barry has stuck with me.

As you’ll know from the first sentence of my book – I can’t cook – nor do I try. I’ve eaten out for over forty years and that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And no, I don’t eat hot dogs.

People have urged me to compile these stories in a book so like great quick bites and delicious multi-course meals, this book is being put together. We are sharing little tastes on the Blog in no particular order to wet your appetite.

As Athletic Trainer for New York Yankees, Oakland A's, and

St. Louis Cardinals

I’ve met, befriended

and dined with the

most amazing people.



"Eating My Way through Baseball"

"Eating My Way Through Baseball"

Barry Weinberg's

Life's a journey, enjoy the meal!

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