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Edith and Harold's Only Son!

I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. What changed a lot of things in my life was when Frank Howard (Washington Senators All Star) moved in across the street.  We used to play wiffle ball in the street with him; one of the greatest personalities I ever met. He used to take me to the ballpark early and I’d drive him home. I’d watch batting practice.

I graduated from Springfield College. Played four years of baseball. Got a B in Baseball Skills from coach Charlie Roys. The reason I got a B – he told me I missed too many classes. The reason I missed classes was because I was playing Varsity baseball games. Tough school.

I went to Indiana University and did my graduate work. Only got two good grades in college. One was Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries and the other one was in First Aid so I figured I better do something in Athletic Training.

I had a classmate Ron McClain who was a triple A trainer for Cincinnati at the time and he said, “I think there’s a job opening in the Pirate Organization. Why don’t you apply for it?” He knew I liked baseball. I used to talk baseball with him. So I applied for it and got the job. I had no idea why or how. I had no experience, didn’t have a degree, wasn’t certified and had not finished my education. I got the job and withdrew from school that day on the promise to my dad I would come back and finish it.

The rest is history and is in the book. Read my post about why I’m writing it.

As Athletic Trainer for New York Yankees, Oakland A's, and

St. Louis Cardinals

I’ve met, befriended

and dined with the

most amazing people.



"Eating My Way through Baseball"

"Eating My Way Through Baseball"

Barry Weinberg's

Life's a journey, enjoy the meal!

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