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Barry Weinberg's

"Eating My Way Through Baseball"

“I can’t cook – nor do I try”.  I’ve eaten out for over forty five years and I’ve made wonderful friends, witnessed the funniest and the saddest moments, heard the craziest stories and found the best places to dine in my years of travel working in professional baseball as an Athletic Trainer.


A roadmap of memories of never before heard stories and anecdotes from some of the greatest… Charles Barkley, Neal Armstrong, Michael Badalucco, Tony LaRussa, Vince Gill and Yogi Berra stories you would only hear if you were in the dugout, locker room or had a seat at my table.


With baseball as the catalyst, great stories were told, great wine consumed, and lifetime memories made. I’ve been lucky to spend over forty-five years working in professional baseball as an Athletic Trainer from the Minor Leagues to seven World Series and three World Championships. I had the opportunity to work with the Pirates, the New York Yankees, the Oakland Athletics, and currently the St. Louis Cardinals. It is still unbelievable to me what a young boy from Silver Spring, Maryland; Edith and Harold’s only son; has had the opportunity to do.


For many years people have urged me to compile my memories and stories into a book for everyone to enjoy and “Eating My Way Through Baseball”, I have done just that. 


Life is a journey, enjoy the meal!

Uncle Barry

"Eating My Way Through Baseball"

Barry Weinberg's

Life's a journey, enjoy the meal!

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