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"Eating My Way Through Baseball

Legendary Stories with a Major League Bite"

by Barry Weinberg

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"Life is an Amazing Journey.

Enjoy all the meals!"

As Athletic Trainer for New York Yankees, Oakland A's, and St. Louis Cardinals I’ve met, befriended and dined with the most amazing people.

I’m Barry Weinberg aka Uncle Barry.

I’ve been lucky to spend over forty years working in professional baseball as an Athletic Trainer from the Minor Leagues to the World Series with 3 World Series and 4 Championship Rings, how cool is that!

I’ve befriended wonderful personalities, a lot of mega stars and I'm a kid from Maryland. I've witnessed the funniest things (before games were televised) and heard the craziest stories everywhere from the dugout to the locker-room. I've dined with them all over the country and in many parts of the world. It's all in my book. Bon Appétit! 



Note to Buyers: My book is ONLY Listed to SHIP to the United States through my website.

 Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Books A Million

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"Eating My Way Through Baseball"

Barry Weinberg's

Life's a journey, enjoy the meal!

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