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Gene Merola "Let's Eat"!

Gene and Barry

Gene and I have been friends for 30 plus years, we meet while I was in Florida with the New York Yankees and Gene performed at Bojangles, a nightclub built in Fort Lauderdale that was year-round home for Gene Merola for almost 6 years. Bojangles was an immediate success. As a reviewer for the Sun-Sentinel put it: “Playing solo sets for as long as two hours at a clip, Merola charms his fans, heckles his hecklers and leaves the listener exhausted from a barrage of laughter and song.”

When I told Gene I was going to write a book about my years and baseball and all the great places I have eaten across the land entitled "Eating My way through Baseball" Gene's quick wit turned my "snap shot of a book" into a very cool song.

Bon Appetite!

Uncle Barry

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